Bed/ Cabin Information:-

Al-Manar Hospital Ltd. Is 100 Bed central AC modern Hospital. Bed rent and other service  is very reasonable cost.



Bed/Cabin Rent Range

Rent in Range (Taka)

Cabin (VIP) With AC 7700
VIP Share Cabin With AC 4400
Cabin (Medium) With AC 5500
Share Cabin Small B With AC 3000
Cabin (Small) A With AC 4500
General  Bed (Male) With AC 2000
General  Bed (Female) With AC 2000
General Bed (Paed) With AC 2000
ICU Bed Package
ICU Step Down/HDU Bed  Package
NICU (Normal Cot)  Package
NICU (Warmer/Open Incubator)  Package
NICU (Incubator)  Package
Share Cabin 3000
Post Ward 2000
Cabin (Small) B with AC 3000
NICU (Normal Cot)  Package